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Taxation Solutions, Inc. Protecting the future of today's taxpayer!

The tax professionals we have on staff, have a genuine concern for the IRS issues their clients face. Their experience in tax resolution allows them to be well prepared to help develop a winning strategy with IRS debts. We are a national leader in tax resolution services and only provide the highest quality of service and insure that your issue receives the attention it deserves. Our overall goal is to get you only the best deal available with IRS relief.

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  • Become and Remain Credit Worthy

    Being credit worthy is a big deal in our society. And, while there are host of important numbers in your financial world, few are as critical as your credit score. Your FICO score, ranging from 0-850, affects your ability to buy a house or car, get a loan, qualify for a credit card, or even … Continue reading Become and Remain...



You will have peace of mind knowing Taxation Solutions is taking care of your IRS concerns. Here are some testimonials from some of our satisfied clients.

Originally owed the IRS $38,969

"Taxation Solutions worked with the IRS to invalidate a 1099 and their adjustments to my return and got the IRS to abate all penalties and remove all taxes due." –Linda A., San Antonio TX

Total Original IRS debt was $29,817

"OIC accepted for $100 saving us $29,717!" –S.S., Willis TX

Areas of Practice

  • Bank Levy
  • IRS Seizures
  • Payroll Tax Relief
  • Wage Garnishment
  • Innocent Spouse
  • Non-Filing
  • Tax Preparation and Planning
  • Trucker Tax Experts
  • IRS Audit Letter
  • Offers-in-Compromise
  • State Tax Problems

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