An End Of Summer Troubling Tax Tidbit

Summer is swiftly coming to an end. It’s time to think about getting the kids back to school. […]

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disaster losses

Tax Tips For Deducting Disaster Related Losses

Along with the fun of summer also comes the dread of potential natural disasters. Summer time is the […]

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selling home

Selling Your Home May Not Be A Taxing Event

Spring and summer in some areas of the country are prime times to sell a home. In warmer […]

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tax records

With Tax Records, When In Doubt, Keep It

You’ve probably heard the expression, “when in doubt, toss it out.” That applies to just about everything except […]

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tax filing

Helping Taxpayers Overcome The Fear of Filing

Every American who files and pays federal taxes rarely thinks about taxes this time of year. They are […]

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D.I.V.O.R.C.E. And T.A.X.E.S.

June is typically the most popular month for weddings. Did you ever wonder if there is a divorce […]

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personal information

And You Thought It Was Safe To Send Your Info to The IRS

It looks as if taxpayers have to be wary and skeptical even when they send their personal information […]

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under reporting income

You’ve Been Under-Reporting Your Income and The IRS Has Caught You

Are you the target of an audit for allegedly under-reporting income to the IRS? Professional help by an […]

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irs audit

When Flagged For An IRS Audit, Choose the Fast Track If You Can

If you’ve never been audited you may not know that when the IRS audits you, it could take […]

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offer in compromise

You Owe The IRS and May Qualify for An Offer-in-Compromise

If you’re squeamish about filing your taxes because you owe back taxes and aren’t in a position to […]

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