International Travel Plans Could Be Interrupted By The IRS

Imagine if you planned a trip to Europe, got to the airport and were told upon presenting your […]

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hurricane scam

Brace Yourself – Hurricanes Stir Up A Storm Of Disastrous Scams

We’ve just entered the hurricane season. In this part of the country, everyone stays on high alert listening […]

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sin tax

States That Tax What Are Considered “Sinful” Activities

If you enjoy drinking, smoking – either regular tobacco cigarettes, e-cigarettes or marijuana – or if you enjoy […]

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Overseas Assets

No More Hide ‘N Seek For Taxpayers Overseas Assets

As most taxpayers who work with Taxation Solutions know, we typically work with the underdogs, those people who […]

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tax changes

Out With The Old In With The Changes For Next Tax Season

We are now finished with the 2017 tax filing season. With the end of this season we also […]

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taxpayer rights

Know Your Taxpayer Rights

Every American taxpayer has rights. Do you know what those rights are? More than half of U.S. taxpayers […]

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tax scams

Curiosity Kills The Cat And Scams The Curious

I have written frequently about the multitude of tax scams. And once again, the scammers have found a […]

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tax filing

No Matter How Long It’s Been Since You’ve Filed Your Taxes You’re Not Alone

We are in the midst of the 2017 tax filing season. Yet there are many people who are […]

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parents as dependents

Claiming Parents As Dependents On Income Taxes

As more and more Baby Boomers are caring for elderly parents, the question often arises: “Can I claim […]

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IRS scam

An Unexpected Refund From The IRS Spells S-C-A-M

If you happen to notice an automatic deposit made in your bank account from the IRS or you […]

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