parents as dependents

Claiming Parents As Dependents On Income Taxes

As more and more Baby Boomers are caring for elderly parents, the question often arises: “Can I claim […]

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IRS scam

An Unexpected Refund From The IRS Spells S-C-A-M

If you happen to notice an automatic deposit made in your bank account from the IRS or you […]

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Don’t Let Cryptocurrency Crimp Your Relationship With The IRS

Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin are becoming more popular as a form of payment and as investment. However, there […]

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tax brackets

How Soon You’ll See The Results Of The New Tax Brackets

If you’re an American taxpayer who gets a paycheck, I imagine you’re pretty anxious to see how the […]

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Tax Law

The New Tax Law And What It Means Immediately For Most Taxpayers

U.S. Air Force photo/Janet Taylor-Birkey/Public Domain Well here we are in a brand new year, with a new […]

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virtual currency

IRS Warns About Hotmail Scam And Potential Virtual Currency Taxation

As we barrel toward the end of the year and shoot headlong into tax season, the IRS has […]

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holiday shopping

Avoid Holiday Shopping Ho-Ho-Hoaxes

It’s bad enough that scam artists try to steal money from you by misrepresenting themselves as IRS agents. […]

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November Ushers In The Holidays And Fraud Awareness Reminders

This year fraud awareness week was from November 12 – 18. This reminder comes at a timely moment […]

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2017 tax returns

IRS Has Not Yet Released Date For Accepting 2017 Tax Returns

Apparently a whole lot of taxpayers are anxious to get their taxes in to the IRS. I’ve never […]

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Equifax Breach

How To Find Out If You Were Affected In The Equifax Breach

The recent Equifax breach affects over 143 million American taxpayers. As you might imagine, this could wreak havoc […]

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