irs audit

When Flagged For An IRS Audit, Choose the Fast Track If You Can

If you’ve never been audited you may not know that when the IRS audits you, it could take […]

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offer in compromise

You Owe The IRS and May Qualify for An Offer-in-Compromise

If you’re squeamish about filing your taxes because you owe back taxes and aren’t in a position to […]

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Is Your Refund Part of The $1B The IRS Has Tagged as Unclaimed?

If you haven’t filed your 2013 taxes you could have a refund among the more than $1 billion […]

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Under-Reporting Income

When the IRS Suspects You of Under-Reporting Income

Have you suddenly become the unhappy target of an audit for allegedly under-reporting income to the IRS? Maybe you […]

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Tax Myths

5 New Tax Myths Debunked by IRS

  It’s true that this tax season some taxpayers have been unaware of a new rule that requires […]

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delinquent IRS taxes

Act Now To Take Care of Your Delinquent IRS Taxes

  So, you made it through last year even though you find yourself in the unenviable position of […]

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haven't paid taxes

You Haven’t Paid Taxes in How Long?

It’s a brand new year and you’ve decided to take a deep breath and finally address your unfiled […]

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Saver's Credit

Are You Taking Advantage of the Saver’s Credit?

As we get closer to tax season, there’s a benefit that many taxpayers consistently miss out on. I […]

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tax credits

Drive Your Taxes Down

If you’re in the market for a new car or you’ve purchased one this year, you might also […]

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Tax Scams

A Little Good News Taxpayers Can Be Thankful For This Season

Over the past several years, taxpayers, and I mean taxpayers from the lowest socio-economic level to the highest, […]

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