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An End Of Summer Troubling Tax Tidbit


Summer is swiftly coming to an end.

It’s time to think about getting the kids back to school. And what a relief, there’s been little to no thought about taxes. Sure, we think about the sales tax breaks we get buying back to school items and clothing this time of year, but that’s actually enjoyable.

On the other hand, I think about taxes all year and I like to keep my clients up-to-date on items of interest that might affect them when tax time rolls around. In the recent past we have been thinking about all the scammers and tax fraud criminals to help people try to avoid. That is still an area of concern for taxpayers. Hopefully most people now know not to fall for the fear tactics these criminals use.

And now we have another issue to throw us all for a loop. And it comes directly out of the IRS.

The IRS has rehired more than 200 employees who were previously involved in agency misconduct such as falsifying documents or having unauthorized access to sensitive taxpayer information.

This comes as the result of an audit from the Treasury Inspector General for the Tax Administration. According to the report following the audit, “Four had cheated on their own tax returns and another four had been probed for improperly accessing taxpayer records, the website said.”

Great. Now taxpayers have to worry about having their identities stolen from the very people they must give all of their important financial information to.

Just in case you didn’t have enough to think about, I thought I’d give you something to put on the back burner for the 2017 tax season.



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