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Criminal Steals Millions From U.S. Taxpayers Who Then Pay To Feed And House Him

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Tax fraud is big business and always a cause for concern to the IRS and the American taxpayers who are affected.

Well, according to the IRS, there might be cause for celebration since Emmanuel Oluwatosin Kazeem, 35, of Bowie, Maryland, and Nigeria, has been arrested and sentenced to 15 years in prison for leading a conspiracy to steal IDs and file fraudulent returns.

Kazeem has stolen literally millions of dollars from hundreds of thousands American taxpayers in the past five years or more.

He entered the country on a student visa from Nigeria and immediately set out to defraud. He began with marriage fraud to evade immigration laws. Then, according to an article published at, “In April 2014, while leading the tax fraud scheme, he filed for naturalization under the Immigration and Nationality Act. Based on the false information provided to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, he was approved. The same year he personally participated in filing more than 1,445 fraudulent federal returns and received almost $3.4 million from returns paid out by the IRS.”

According to the same article, Kazeem has been linked to 10,139 fraudulent federal returns attempting to get more than $91 million in refunds, and to successfully receiving over $11.6 million. They also report that tax refunds were withdrawn from debit cards and at least 2,000 wire transfers totaling more than $2.1 million were sent to Nigeria. More than 700 of those transfers, totaling more than $690,000, were directly linked to Kazeem.

It’s not just the stolen money that creates havoc for American taxpayers.

Mr. Kazeem has disrupted the lives of many Americans who will have to spend time, effort and in some cases money to legally repair the damage done by having their identities stolen or used illegally to file taxes. And now, to add injury to insult, for the next 15 years the same American taxpayers from whom Kazeem stole will have to pay to feed him and house him with their tax dollars. Looks like a big win-win for Mr. Kazeem and a big fat double whammy of a loss for law-abiding American taxpayers.

The good news is that at least the operations of one criminal has been curtailed if not ended. Maybe next tax season there will be fewer fraudulent tax filings.

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