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IRS Admits to Sending Right IP PINs and Wrong Tax Year

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While it is technically a minor error, it is one that is glaring enough to throw off taxpayers who think of the IRS as the scary government agency out to trip them up and take all their hard-earned money. Some people still do think of the IRS this way and there are those who think the IRS is incapable of error.

It’s important to help those people change their thinking. With that in mind, the IRS has just admitted to making a mistake. They sent out letters to the more than 1.2 million identity theft victims alerting them that they, the IRS, put the wrong tax year on the notices with the private identity protection personal identification numbers (IP PINs). Instead of saying these numbers were for use with the 2015 tax returns, they printed that they were for use with the 2014 returns.

The IRS created the IP PINs specifically for identity theft victims in order to verify the taxpayers’ identities and accept their electronic or paper tax return. The IP PIN prevents someone else from filing a tax return with the taxpayer’s Social Security number (SSN).

The IRS emphasized that taxpayers and their tax professionals should use the IP PINs when they file their 2015 returns despite the mistake. The number is valid for all individual tax returns filed in 2016.

According to the IRS, the issue did not affect anything else involving the IP PIN process. It’s simply the wrong tax year listed on the letter. A small mistake, but a mistake nonetheless.

If you’ve received an IP PIN from the IRS be sure to let your tax preparer know, otherwise your return will be rejected or returned and any refund will be delayed until your tax return is filed with the correct IP PIN.


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