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IRS Scammer Gets Caught But The Scam Continues

phone-449836_1280The good news is that at least one of the primary perpetrators of an IRS scam that victimizes American taxpayers got caught. However, that one arrest wasn’t enough to put an end to the scam. But lawmakers now know the methods those scammers use, which gives authorities a greater chance of ferreting out others and making more arrests.

The better news is that as more details of how the scam is played comes to light, more American taxpayers are becoming aware of the tactics and are much less inclined to be terrorized into handing over their money to the criminals. Fearless Americans can help the scam fizzle out.

The particular case was reported in Accounting Today. According to the article, “A scammer who organized a scheme in which taxpayers were threatened with calls purporting to come from the Internal Revenue Service and the FBI demanding payment has been sentenced to 14 years in prison.”

Apparently the scammer, a Sahil Patel was in charge of organizing the U.S. end of what the article described as “a massive fraud and extortion ring run through various “call centers” located in India, through which Patel and his co-conspirators impersonated American law enforcement officials and threatened victims with arrest and financial penalties unless those victims made payments to avoid purported charges.”

It is important to make as many taxpaying Americans aware of this as possible in order to bring this scam to its knees. There is nothing worse than thinking you are being threatened by the largest, most frightening government body in this country. The IRS reputation for being a harsh taskmaster is what has given these criminals the courage to boldly attack using this scheme. It is actually helping to make Americans aware that the IRS despite their size and power never uses fear tactics against taxpayers.

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