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It’s Tax Season and the Identity Thieves Have Gone Phishing

PhishingThey don’t put bumper stickers on their cars, nor do they make their presence obvious in other ways. However, you have to be on alert because the thieves that make millions stealing other people’s identities and tax refunds have started their phishing email campaigns. The emails look like they’re coming from the big companies like TurboTax and Intuit.

The phishing emails are coming early and coming on strong according to a recent article. They hook you by suggesting that, “inactivity has led to a deactivation of your TurboTax account,” Or more strongly, “Your refund cannot be deposited because of a problem with your bank account.” 

Don’t fall for it. Don’t open any emails from TurboTax or Intuit. And by all means do not follow any links to websites where you are likely to be asked for personal information. The IRS as well as TurboTax and individual state representatives have gone to great lengths to put safeguards in place to protect taxpayers. But since tax-related identity theft is such a huge industry, the scammers inevitably find other ways to get the information they want and need to pull off their crimes.

Don’t become a victim this tax season. Avoid getting caught hook, line and sinker by phishing emails. If you receive any emails that appear to be from TurboTax or Intuit, don’t open them. If you have accounts with either of these companies, call them directly. According to, “A good rule of thumb: when in doubt, assume it’s a scam. Rather than answer questions related to your tax returns or finances via email or phone, contact the company directly using a trusted number or website.”

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