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Reduce Your IRS Debt

You can save thousands of dollars in taxes, penalties, and interest by qualifying for an IRS offer-in-compromise settlement. An offer-in-compromise is an agreement between the IRS and a taxpayer to settle their tax liabilities for less than the total amount owed. It also is a good way to prevent paycheck garnishment. This method is not be accepted by the IRS if they believe you can pay the liability through a payment agreement or in full as a lump sum.

Some advertisers claim that tax debts can be settled through the offer-in-compromise program for pennies on the dollar. However, this program is extremely complicated, requiring an experienced tax advisor, and time-consuming, sometimes taking as much as two years to complete. As a professional tax service, we’ve been working with the IRS for years on behalf of our clients seeking IRS tax debt relief, expediting and simplifying the process.

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