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States That Tax What Are Considered “Sinful” Activities

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If you enjoy drinking, smoking – either regular tobacco cigarettes, e-cigarettes or marijuana – or if you enjoy playing the lottery, there are some states that are going to tax the fun right out of those activities.

Maybe you’ve already settled into a life of fun and sinful living in a state that lets you enjoy yourself. But, if you’ve been transferred through your job or you travel as part of your work, you may want to pay attention to the states that make you pay for your play. And, don’t worry, neither Vegas nor New Orleans are on any of the lists of places that penalize your play. Those are two of the states that are well-known for their lenient attitudes toward good times.

If you are driving through the Southeast, particularly Tennessee, and your idea of a good time is cracking open a cold brew, you’ll pay the highest beer tax in the country. However, if you’re wending through Wyoming, you’ll pay the least amount of tax for a cold one.

Spirits, on the other hand are taxed on the diametrically opposed coast: The Pacific Northwest. In particular Seattle, which comes as a bit of a surprise. Wyoming doesn’t tax spirits at all, which is looking like a pretty good state to be in for those who like to drink.

If you want to have a smoke with that drink, you may want to avoid the Northeast, particularly New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island and Massachusetts, with taxes ranging from $3.51 – $4.35. Marijuana is taxed higher in Washington state than any other. Colorado comes in as a close second. Other states where the herbal weed is legal tax at lower rates.

If you’re feeling lucky, you might want to play the lottery in a state that doesn’t tax your winnings. There are a total of 9 states that don’t including Delaware and California.

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