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We’re committed to keeping our clients advised of changes in tax lawplanning strategies, and important tax information. We maintain a databank with an array of in-depth and valuable information for your enrichment. Select essential topics from our library to uncover timely and practical information.

You may think you have no control over your taxes, but there are many methods for reducing or delaying the sting of tax time. In order to take advantage of these methods, you need to understand your options.

We encourage you to gain a basic understanding of the income tax structure, recent changes in tax law, how those changes may affect you, and what strategies are available.

We provide facts to help you develop a basic understanding of taxes; then, you are prepared to begin discuss filing options and strategies.  Read more

We define basic terms; so, you can be “in the know” during your discussions, readings, and negotiations. Read more

Occupational specific information can enable you to benefit the most from applicable deductions.  Read more

We help you learn about the complexities and the nuances of our tax code; and, to understand the strategies involved in our representation of you.  Read more

We know the difference between tax credits and tax deductions.  We want to make sure you do as well so you can properly take advantage of them.  Read more...

We negotiate with the IRS everyday. We know how and we know when. Don’t let time run out. Contact us now and deal with the IRS now. Read more

We help people in many different circumstances with many different tax issues to learn, understand, and make informed choices.  Read more

We are regionally located in Charlotte, North Carolina as well as Overland Park, KS and Houston, Texas. Representation does make a difference. Read more

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