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Tax Notice Season Is Here

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Well, we made it through the 2018 Tax Season.

At least those who filed did. But there are always those who don’t file. And there are those who consciously and unconsciously make errors or their returns. For them tax season is eternal. Kind of like the way you imagine hell would be!

Then there’s the purgatory of having made mistakes. You find that out when you get a notice from the IRS. The IRS Tax Notice Season officially begins this month. There will be millions of taxpayers who receive notices for a variety of reasons.

The first notices sent out this month will go to those that have math errors, account adjustments or suspected of identity theft. And of course, if you were expecting a big refund but haven’t paid back taxes, you’ll receive a refund freeze notice.

In June, the IRS issues a first collection notice to filers who owe taxes and haven’t paid.

Then during the remainder of the summer, July and August, they begin sending audit notices on suspicious returns and a round of collection warnings otherwise known as a collection reminder notice, to those who still haven’t paid the taxes they owe. If you have reached a default installment agreement with the IRS, you’ll get a notice about that including the new balance owed.

The fall and winter months are devoted to more serious collection notices. If you haven’t entered into any agreement or haven’t been in touch either through a tax attorney or on your own, you’re likely to receive a Final Notice of Intent to Levy.

It goes on like that through the end of the year.

If you haven’t yet filed or you owe back taxes and would like to start working your way out of that hellish situation, give us a call. We know that every time you get an IRS notice in the mail, your heart skips a beat and you lose more sleep. Why not put an end to that. We can help.

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