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The IRS Rules Have Changed for 2016 – Only a Certified EA, Tax Attorney or CPA Can Represent Taxpayers

income-tax-491626_640With more than half of U.S. taxpayers relying on paid tax preparers to prepare and file their taxes and represent them if they should be targeted for an audit, it is important to note that 60% of the paid tax return preparers do not have any kind of professional licenses or credentials. This is significant due to the recent changes in the IRS tax code law that as of January 1, 2016, requires any person representing a taxpayer at the IRS to be qualified according IRS specifications.

If the person or firm who does your taxes is not or does not have someone on staff who is a CPA, an EA or an attorney and you need representation at the IRS, you will have to seek the services of someone who did not prepare your taxes.

According to an article on Accounting Today, there is a way tax preparers without the proper licenses and credentials may be able to help taxpayers. They must voluntarily complete and receive a Record of Completion of the IRS’s Annual Filing Season Program. 

Your best and safest bet is to always work with a firm that only hires qualified Enrolled Agents (EAs), CPAs and attorneys. These professionals can represent taxpayers at all levels including collections, audit and appeals. They can stand in for you at every appearance and relieve you of the fear of ever having to speak to an IRS agent or appear at a hearing before the IRS.

Taxation Solutions keeps up-to-date with the changing tax laws. As Enrolled Agents, we not only adhere to but also strive to exceed the ethical standards and codes of professional conduct established by the IRS. We make the tax preparation process as simple as possible for you while minimizing your tax liability through careful planning. This coming tax season requires a level of professionalism not required previously. Whether you are behind in your taxes, are being audited or simply need a qualified tax preparer, give us a call.


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